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It is vastly uncontested that Moms have the most underpaid and stressful job.

Reports indicate that Moms find their best support from other moms, those who have felt and are handling the same familiar stressors. This book does not contain what you should do, or condemn you for what you are or are not doing. This book is a collection of stories from Moms who have been-there-done-that. The stories are humorous, entertaining and educational. These stories may not make your child go to bed on time, eat their vegetables, stop pestering the dog or quit taunting their siblings. However, it may give you a break from your day, a smile when you need one and an idea or two from someone else’s experience.

Pre-Release reviews:

“This book is great. Each chapter is a complete essay and easy to read and relate to.“ ~ Sandra Timler, Pre-School Teacher
“I recommend this to all moms, regardless of the age of their children.” ~ Bonnie Chalk, Physician Assistant
“It’s hard to choose a favorite chapter, they are all good.” ~ Chere Frong, Mother, Grandmother

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