Stress Out Series: Stress Out, show stress Who’s the Boss; Stress Out for Cats, Dogs & their People and Stress Out! Moms show stress who’s the boss!

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show stress who's the boss

Stress Out! Mom’s show stress who’s the boss!

The third in the series.
Over 70% of Moms stress over the amount of stress they are feeling, which adds to the negative effect it has on their health, their minds, relationships and self-esteem.  Reports indicate that Moms find their best support from other Moms, those that have felt and are handling the same familiar stressors.

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Moms show stress who's the boss

Stress Out! Show Stress Who’s the Boss!

The first in the series.
Traffic jams, deadlines, eating on the run, we stress when we have bills to pay, job changes, endless chores and too many errands. Our job has stress, not having a job has stress, it’s stressful maintaining your weight, having a relationship is stressful, not being in a relationship is stressful, family responsibilities are stress, and all those other demands on you can be huge amounts of stress. Not to mention those people who really get on your nerves. Our energy is drained, and we feel helpless. Health surveys report that over 70% of people feel stress everyday. You are not alone. Solutions are as close as this book. Order yours today. Single orders 15% discount.  Retail $16.95, special discounted  price $13.65 each

stress out for cats, dogs and their people

Stress Out for Cats, Dogs & Their People

The second in the series.
The animal-human bond is a most beautiful lifelong relationship. Cats and dogs are our special companions giving an unparalleled kind of love. Yet, some of the ways we treat them adds to their stress, and to our own.

This book is a collection of real life stories from animal lovers and advocates who have learned something about themselves through the cats and dogs in their care. They have also learned how to better care for their animal companions which can then reduce the stress for both.

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