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Mom’s Show Stress Who’s the Boss

Every Day is Mothers Day. 

5The stressors for Moms seems unrelenting. It starts during pregnancy and doesn’t stop, even after the children are grown and on their own. Moms stress about the well-being of their children as they go to college, move away from home and even when they start families of their own. Over 70% of Moms stress over the amount of stress they are f1b eeling, which adds to the negative effect it has on their health, their minds, relationships and self-esteem.  Reports indicate that Moms find their best support from other Moms, those that have felt and are handling the same familiar stressors.

Mom's Show Stress Who's the Boss!

Mom’s Show Stress Who’s the Boss!

  You’ve been waiting for this. It’s here. Get yours!  longarrow

Just in time for Mothers Day.  A resource for stressed Moms (even if it’s used as a coloring book for a creative child or to prop open the window to let out the smoke from the burnt meal)

  • Sage advice from other Mom’s who have been-there done-that
  • Stories to delight you and give you a smile break
  • Real answers to your  daily stress that you can relate to and use
  • Hints, tips and workable solutions
  • Resources
  • Special offers for Mom’s
  • and more….AVAILABLE NOW.

You’ve been waiting for this. It’s here. Get yours!  longarrow Proceeds from this book will support selected Mom related charities.